Start Ups

Hello Start-Up 👋🏻

We do immediately want to talk about the elephant in the room — our definition of a start-up. We always expect to get paid at the end of the day. For us, this is the only way to keep doing what we love. If you’re a funded Start-Up or can invest in your product, this is how we can help.

Design Sprints for Start-Ups

You might’ve seen our Design Sprint Expertise. It is perfect for validating new ideas for a Start-Up. In only 4-days, you’re able to come up with new solutions and prove them with real users.

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Remote Design Sprints for Start-Ups

We were running Remote Design Sprints for Start-Ups even before it was cool. Due to our lean and work-from-anywhere attitude, we always encouraged Remote Design Sprints. So start reducing your Carbon Footprint while still achieving that magic you get when working together! Plus, no pants required!

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Create a single-source of truth with Design Systems

Stop reinventing the wheel. Start using reusable, responsive components. That’s Design-Nerd-Talk for creating more uniformity and consistency in your Digital Products.

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