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The Ultimate Guide to Design Systems

The Internet has grown from being the strangely, ugly little duckling to a young, slightly matured, handsome beast. Gone are the years when we had no typography, video, or even entertaining animations to be gentle on our eyes. Nowadays, most organizations have their public website, but also a portal, and their custom web applications. “Don’t forget our app!” ah, yes. And an app. But how do you make sure that all these applications remain consistent in style and experience? Enter scene: Design Systems!
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Wat is een Design Sprint en waarom is het voor mij van belang?

Creating new products, or improving existing ones. Do the work that would normally take you months in just a few days.
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Empathy Maps zet de gebruiker op de eerste plek

When designing digital products, you will need to do your research first. This ensures your product will be designed to match the needs and wants of your target audience. The better data your research obtains, the higher likelihood you have at increasing revenues. Two types of research should be used together: qualitative research and quantitative research.
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5 redenen om met ons een SaaS product te ontwikkelen

Are you looking for a partner or supplier with whom you can develop a SaaS product? We want to give you five reasons why we belong on your short-list!
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